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Olive Mills


This powerful and modern olive mill emerged from the fusion of the Agrícola de Bailén and the Virgen de Zocueca cooperatives. It is 70 years since the farmers set themselves the objective of producing olive oils sustainably, with complete and continuous respect for the environment. As a result, they have obtained an excellent quality product that is worthy of the most demanding palates. The oil is an emerald green in colour and has a special freshness that makes it ideal for salads, toasts and to boost dishes with the intense flavour of the Picual olive.

Autovía Madrid-Cádiz, Km. 298 (Salida 299 Dirección Madrid) 23710 Bailén (Jaén)
Tlf.: 953670565
Fax: 953673514

Baécula Oils

For 90 years, this family business has dedicated itself to the production of virgin olive oils, maintaining the legacy that farmers and olive growers have passed on over time. They make a superior grade olive oil, green in colour, fruity and fragrant with an intense flavour of fresh olive, which, when tasted, leaves an exquisitely bitter aftertaste. It is ideal for having raw with salads, dressings and sauces. It is also highly recommended for dishes that don’t require much cooking.

Camino de Jabalquinto, s/n (Junto a Polígono Industrial "Llave de Andalucía") 23710 Bailén (Jaén)
Tlf.: 953670099
Fax: 953672950

Oro Bailén

This is a family adventure that has become a philosophy for life with the desire to offer an innovative vision on the juice of the olive. There is a resolute commitment to the dissemination and promotion of the excellence of this product, mixed with the new concept in which the oil becomes part of the marriage between the cook and their ingredients. This is a single variety oil from the Picual olive, brilliant green in colour with an intense fruitiness of fresh olive and a high complexity of herbaceous and fruity aromas, most notable of which are green banana, almond and green tomato. It is sweet, slightly spicy and very well balanced.

Ctra. Plomeros, Casa del Agua Autovía A4 Salida 310 (Dirección Plomeros) 23730 Villanueva de la Reina, Jaén España
Tlf.: 953548038
Fax: 953537116

Padilla Oils

A family business founded in 1999 which has become the fruit of their labour and their tenacity. They placed their hopes on this project in order to give value and to grow the best natural treasure in the Province of Jaen. Nurturing and taking care of all the production and oil making processes, and practising ecological olive growing with which they make a high-quality extra virgin olive oil from their own harvests. Its initial flavour is soft, dense, with an average bitterness and persistence, and with an elegant spicy aftertaste.

Ctra. Madrid-Cádiz km. 294,5 23710 Bailén (Jaén)
Tlf.: 953670517