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Bailén's origins

The first references to Bailén in written sources are as “Baritto”, a name of Turdetani origin given to the Phoenician settlement in this area. When the Greeks colonised our territory, it was then baptised Baikol and Besur. Later, when the Romans came to Spain to fight in the Punic Wars against the Carthaginians, they were attracted by the great wealth they discovered here in terms of mining, livestock and agriculture. They decided to settle in the lands they called Baécula-Caecilia and Baécula-Bética, giving rise to a population of around 800 inhabitants.

Debate continues as to the location of this historic battle, which we claim for our own, not only because of the phonetic similarity, but also because of our geographical proximity according to accounts in the sources, as well as the excellent strategic location from which we continue to benefit today.

The Battle of Bailén, 1808

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Outstanding characters of Bailen