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Calle Zarco del Valle e Isabel la Católica (Calle Real)

One of Bailén’s oldest streets has been called many names over its history.

From Rafael Gasset, Manuel Azaña or Zarco del Valle and Isabel la Católica as it is called today. It has also been known as Calle Real Baja or Camino Real, because of the town’s main entrance road, turning it into the crossroads for which it is famous, among other values and delights. This concept is of such great importance that most locals use the name Calle Real when referring to it.

Changing the road names in Bailén has been a common practice in the history of our town due to the need to mention so many renowned characters that have been linked to it.

That’s why, in some cases it is even necessary to dedicate one street to two notable people, such as General Antonio Zarco del Valle; Vice-president of a commission presided by General Francisco Castaños, formed in 1850 and with the aim of completing the study of the Battle of Bailén. The other person this road refers to is Isabel la Católica (Isabel the Catholic), because of her special relevance, regardless of the fact that she would be the person to drive the creation of that study.

Nowadays, this road is home to most of the town’s businesses, as well as being one of the most charming places in the town for a walk. It is also the focus of the hustle and bustle of crowds on public holidays.