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General Reding

Teodoro Reding von Biberegg was a Swiss General in the service of Spain, and main architect of the victory of the Spanish army against the French at the Battle of Bailén in 1808.

He began his military career in Spain at the age of 14, being appointed Governor in 1806 – a role which he performed outstandingly in all aspects. Testament to this is found in the publication of the “Bando del Buen Gobierno”.

During the War of Independence, in 1808 Reding headed the Junta de Málaga and was appointed General-in-Chief of the troops of the Kingdom of Granada, and later General Commander of the 1st Division of the Army of Andalusia. On 19th July, 1808 he played a prominent role as the architect of the first defeat of the hitherto invincible Napoleonic troops, by executing some changes to General Castaños’ Plan of Porcuna.

After this he moved to Catalonia, where he was promoted to Captain General. In February 1809, he fought in Valls. This would be his last battle, as he suffered several sabre wounds, from which he died on 23rd April, 1809.