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Glorieta Virgen de Zocueca

It was built in the 19th century, near to the house where the heroine of Bailén lived, María Bellido.

It was an area surrounded by orchards thanks to the abundance of water, so much so that its interior housed a stone fountain which, in times gone by, supplied locals with water. To fill their flagons, they had to be skilled enough to be able to thread a reed which would conduct the water from the canal to the vessel. Legend has it that a blind man known as Joaquín the water carrier had a special touch for performing this task.

In the mid-twentieth century, it was remodelled to become the plaza that we can admire today, where we find a fountain with the image of the patron saint at the top and surrounded by small, landscaped areas.

This is a privileged location from which you can admire some of Bailén’s Holy Week parades.