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Manolo Gómez Bur

An actor, Bur was closely linked to Bailén, birthplace of his wife and home to the couple following his retirement from the stage. From a very young age he was linked to the world of show business, and that of his father, the Zarzuela actor, Vicente Gómez Bur.

His first stage debut comes at a very young age. In 1934, with a group of amateurs he put on the play “Los hijos de la noche” (Sons of the Night). Following the end of the Civil War in 1939, he made his professional debut in the company of Alonso and Pepe Muñoz Román as a dancer in “Las de Villadiego”.

Over the coming years he would form part of the Companies of Ana Adamuz, Conchita Montes and Isabel Garcés, with whom he would reap many theatrical triumphs, not least for the plays “Las dos Virginias” and “Devuélveme a mi señora”.

He also debuted on the big screen in 1951 with “Fairy Tale”. This was the beginning of a filmography that would reach about one hundred titles. He specialised in portraying a certain type of ingenuous dyed-in-the-wool young Spaniard, making him one of the most endearing and much-loved actors of the sixties, the decade in which the bulk of his film career took place.

During those years, he had roles in such famous titles of contemporary Spanish cinema as “Las chicas de la Cruz Roja”, “El día de los enamorados” or “Las que tienen que servir”. In 1973 he starred for Spanish Television in the series “Animales Racionales”.

From that moment on, he returned to focusing on boosting his theatrical career again, attaining very notable successes such as “La Sopera” and “La venganza de Don Mendo”. The “Goddess of Fortune” smiled upon him in the final stage of his professional life: following forty years of hard work, he would retire to his home in Bailén, birthplace of his wife. On May 30th, 1991 he died, with many friends from the profession joining to pay tribute, such as Tony Leblanc among others.