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A wide range of possibilities, amenities and a privileged environment make Bailén a town that is able to satisfy all their visitors’ needs.

Bailén is a town with amenities that will make your visit totally enjoyable. A delicious and varied gastronomy, an open shopping centre in which you will find unique products, a variety of establishments in which to relax after an enjoyable day visiting the town, and charming accommodation in traditional hotels in which to recover your strength for the following day.

A gastronomic stroll

A wide range of traditional Bailén recipes, among which you will find everything from the “Guiñapos” or “Andrajos”, as they are known here, “Patatas con Caldo”, and “Papas a lo pobre”, all made with the oil obtained from the milling of the Picual olive variety.
If you want to eat while you wander around the municipality taking in the local atmosphere, follow the Ruta del Tapeo (the Tapas Route) which you will find throughout the year in Bailén.

At each of the bars, taverns and inns that are dotted around the town you can try the “tapa”, which are dishes accompanied by a refreshing drink.

If you would prefer to delight your palate with a formal meal, you can do this at the restaurants serving both traditional and contemporary dishes that Bailén offers you.

The best accommodation

Enjoying Bailén may take you a few days, so we offer you a wide variety of accommodation where you can relax and rest during your visit. 


Taking a souvenir home, getting something unique, or simply spending an afternoon shopping, Bailén offers you a town with amenities to make your visit completely enjoyable. There is an open shopping centre where you can find unique products and a variety of establishments in which to relax after an enjoyable day visiting the town. 

Devote some time to leisure

The evening and night will entice you to go out and discover the atmosphere offered by the town’s bars and discos where you can enjoy your favourite drink, the music and the parties organised by each establishment throughout the year.