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Plaza España

Walking around the neighbourhood where the town’s ancient fortress once stood, we reach the Plaza de España.

Its interior is home to the monument to General José de San Martín, donated by the Sanmartiniano Institute in July 1972. Upon analysing the structure, two clearly differentiated sections can be seen. On the one hand, the top segment represents the bronze bust of the General with the features of his rank, and sash from the right shoulder.

The bottom section is a carved stone pedestal which serves as a base where we can find two plaques which read:

“General José de san Martín- Patriota Argentino- combatiente en Bailén-n,25-II-1.778 y más 17-VIII-1.850” (General José de san Martín- Argentine Patriot- fighter in Bailén, born 25.02.1779 and died 17.08.1850)

“Ejército Argentino-La Comisión de Armas de Caballería al valor heroico en Bailén-Bailén 1.808-1.993” (Argentine Army-Arms Cavalry Commission for their heroic courage in Bailén-Bailén, 1808-1993).