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Tracing the Footsteps of the Battle.

A walk to discover the spots and landmarks of special relevance and distributed throughout the enormous field where the historic Battle of Bailén took place. Monuments and reminders that remain of that historic feat, in addition to a set of six monoliths that locate the main encounters and troops during the battle. On arrival at each of the landmarks, you will be able to obtain more information through an audiovisual resource that can be accessed using a QR code.

Huerta de Arteaga (Arteaga Orchard)

Situated in the former Huerta de Arteaga (Arteaga Orchard), current Nursery, this is the location where the Spanish army’s General Staff were situated and which was home to the recently discovered waterwheel.

Flanco izquierdo español (Spanish left flank)

Located in the country road after the El Cruce industrial estate and heading towards the area known as La Toscana, is the Spanish left flank.

Combate en Haza Walona (Combat at Haza Walona)

In the same country road that we can find monolith 2, this landmark refers to Haza Walona, where important combats took place.

Centro del ejército español (Spanish army centre)

In calle Andújar, near to the waterwheel of the Huerta de San Lázaro orchard, we can find the centre of the Spanish line.

Monolito a los caídos de 1808 (Monolith to the fallen of 1808)

Dedicated to the fallen of 1808, this monolith which is located in Camino de las Aguas serves as a tribute to them

Cerro San Cristóbal (Saint Christopher Hill)

Cerro San Cristóbal is the final location, a spot which is some distance away from the battlefield but where combats also took place on July 19th.