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Route from Cuesta del Molino to Casita Blanca

A natural enclave of the municipality, the Burguillos meadow is a public countryside situated to the north of the town at a distance of 5.5 km from the town centre, specifically between the well-known location of Paraje Cerro Burguillos and the Valley of the Rumblar River.

This ancient meadow was used almost exclusively for livestock (cattle and sheep). At the same time, the scrub areas were burned and used to create “picón”, which is a plant charcoal used in heaters or braziers during the cold winters in almost all the towns of the area.

Some time ago, being aware of the need for today’s society to have areas for leisure and recreation in nature, and for the preservation of these natural spaces to act as the environmental lungs of the towns, the Council of Bailén provided this enclave with maintenance services, surveillance and equipment (barbecues, water fountains, signposted routes, visitor reception centre, etc.) in order to promote the use and enjoyment of the surroundings, in harmony and with respect for the environment, making this one of the best preserved and cleanest enclaves in Jaen’s Sierra Morena.

There is also the opportunity to take various hiking trails which have been signposted throughout the location, allowing you to enjoy all of its natural splendour and to have the opportunity to learn about the flora, fauna, ecosystems and spectacular landscapes full of contrast and beauty.
The trails are from 0.8 to 5.5 km with low-medium difficulty, so any person can use them without the need for any great amount physical training. You can also interlink them, and make use of up to 20 km of paths.