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The Consequences

On 22nd July, the surrender was signed in the Casa de Postas del Camino Real, a humble inn near  Villanueva de la Reina. The following day on the battlefield the French army paid tribute to the Spanish.

This victory was a new hope for Spain and the beginning of the end of Napoleon’s reign in Europe, although the War of Independence would last six more years.

Fernando VII was freed, and greeted on his return with enthusiasm by the Spanish people, who called him “El Deseado” literally, “the desired one”). Meanwhile, in 1812 a new historical first occurs when the Cortes of Cádiz meet to draw up Spain’s first Constitution, popularly known as “La Pepa”.

Bailén received multiple recognitions for its heroic role, such as the title of “Very Noble and Loyal” obtained in 1890, or the rank of City, granted in 1850. Queen Isabel II even required that any city with more than 10,000 inhabitants name one of its three main streets after the town.