Open from Monday to Friday 8:00 a 13:00h

Parque Eduardo Carvajal (El Vivero) (Eduardo Carvalajal Park)

This park of extraordinary botanical wealth, popularly known as “El Vivero” (The Nursery) was created between 1893 and 1895, an era in which Eduardo Carvajal was the Mayor of Bailén and from whom it inherits its name.

This garden is one of the first views as you enter Bailén from the south along the Avenida del Parador. Inside you will find a vast array of floral and tree species such as the honey locust, Judas tree, rose bushes, American reed, cypress tree, wallflowers, cineraria, candytuft, sage, rosemary…

Inside the park, you can find a charming cottage that was used as a residence until 1914 by the park’s gardener and his family. His name was Don Salvador Merlo and he planted a large number of the species found in this setting today. He lived in this extraordinary place with his wife Doña Olaya Tamargo and their seven children, making sure everything was radiant and glowing. The legends of el Vivero include one that Salvador told and which he called “La Encantada”. It was about a beautiful woman who appeared before him at dawn and asked him to accompany her to a place where he would find a hidden treasure, but Salvador never dared to follow her.